Office 365 Limits, Quotas, and Health

Security problems can halt your organization. Unseen threats to continuity exist. Knowing Office 365 limits is vital. Mismanaged areas can hinder business. Manual monitoring is slow; automatic monitoring like CatchBefore is essential. It detects and alerts for issues early.


Operational Continuity Threats

CatchBefore helps you maintain operational continuity in Office 365 by proactively addressing potential issues. We monitor your licenses, ensuring that auto-renewal occurs to prevent service disruptions. We keep an eye on restricted accounts, ensuring they maintain their functionality, especially email access.

Additionally, we safeguard against domain name and DNS issues, crucial components for uninterrupted service. Our management of Microsoft Alerts provides early warnings about tenancy health, allowing you to take preemptive action. We also keep track of directory quotas, ensure efficient user management, and oversee onsite sync status for consistency, minimizing password and permission problems.

Operational Continuity Threats

Storage Quotas Checks

  • Mailbox Quotas: Prevent disruptions with proactive monitoring.
  • SharePoint Quota: Ensure organization’s storage efficiency.
  • OneDrive Quotas: Prevent work interruptions, monitor limits.
Storage Quotas Checks

CatchBefore it is too late!

Your data is actively being targeted. Safeguard your information with proactive measures.