Office 365 Productivity

Subscriptions can lead to oversight. Optimize Office 365 usage with CatchBefore. Avoid overpayment, ensure proper settings, and maximize resources for your organization’s benefit.


Maximizing Productivity

When you are paying for a subscription service, it can be easy to forget to look at the details. Catch Before ensures that your tenancy is being utilised correctly.
Is your team utilising the system that has been provided to them?
Are you paying for more than you need?
Is your tenancy located in the correct country?

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Tenancy Management

CatchBefore was designed to help bring attention to some of the finer details of the settings, usage, and activity surrounding your tenancy. Many of these details may not be individually, however collectively they can help ensure your organisation makes the most of the resources and services provisioned

  • Tenancy Location
  • Excess licences
  • Account inactivity
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