Office 365 Reporting Tool

CatchBefore provides an easy-to-use Office 365 reporting tool. Our reports are designed to prevent misunderstandings that can have serious consequences. They include a simple executive summary and more detailed information for both non-technical and technical users.

Regular Reviewing

In Office 365, it’s crucial to conduct regular reviews in three key areas.
CatchBefore helps you first monitor your secure score and potential security score to gauge your system’s protection level. Next, it helps you ensure the integrity of active domains, and their associated account contacts. It maintains secure access details while tracking renewal dates. Lastly, with catch before you can manage user accounts efficiently by keeping only necessary active users, archiving or removing outdated accounts, and monitoring the status of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).Additionally, these controls also extend to managing excessive administrative permissions to ensure that sensitive information and configuration settings are adequately protected.

Administrative Access and Accounts

  • Identifying account licenses
  • Configuring policies and restricting access
  • Monitoring account quota and activity
  • Reviewing log-in Summaries and Alerts
  • Initiating password reset for compromised user accounts


Case Study

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