Be proactive. Be in control.

Modern businesses must proactively manage IT security and governance. We present the ideal solution to empower your proactive stance and establish control.

Enhance your Security Configuration

The default configuration of a tenancy is designed to make it easy for you to use, not for optimal security or efficiency.

How confident are you with the technical security skills of the people who have setup and configured your tenancy? Are all your employees following Office 365 security and compliance best practice when accessing and working on your tenancy?

Are you monitoring for overseas logins?

An unexpected overseas login may be a clear sign of an intrusion.

Utilise the monitoring features of CatchBefore to detect and alert to suspicious logins, and potential compromised accounts.

Being informed is key to damage minimisation in the event of an intrusion.

Office 365 security monitoring and compliance

CatchBefore is a solution to enhance your Office 365 security and compliance. Cloud based, and easy to signup.

We aim to make prevention cheaper than the intrusion, so help protect your tenancy now before it is too late.

Understand your system

CatchBefore helps you with Office 365 security and compliance.

A comprehensive collection of information delivered via regular reporting.

Information covers: User lists, license usage, wasted licenses, administrative users, MFA status, suspicious logins, and more!

Business trusts us

Checking hundreds of thousands of logins daily


Simplified Security Solutions

Engineered to keep you ahead in the relentless security race. Ensure adherence to Office 365 security best practices. Don't be an easy target for cybercriminals.


Monitor your online tenancy daily basis for prompt issue alerts and prevention.


Elevate checks with tech reviews, extending beyond monitoring and offering expert insights.


Access concise tenancy reports covering essential aspects.

Support & Consulting

Empower your IT with alerts, aid configuration, and 365 support.


Round-the-clock Monitoring

Central to CatchBefore is its monitoring service, safeguarding your online tenancy around the clock and enabling early detection of configuration and tenancy health concerns, including security, licensing, quotas, and usage issues – a crucial early warning mechanism to prevent exploitation and mitigate long-term damage.


Evaluation and Reporting

CatchBefore offers continuous monitoring for your online tenancy, complemented by monthly technician reviews, ensuring thorough coverage. Access user-friendly reports, suitable for all managers, encompassing core tenancy details, "Secure Score," user lists, licenses, quotas, hardening, multi-factor authentication, logins, and Microsoft Alerts.

Key Security Features

CatchBefore offers diverse features for addressing security risks, governance, and operational efficiency. Ensure informed decisions and maintain system health.


About us

CatchBefore was designed to offer continuous, elevated protection to organisations utilizing 365. Security demands an ongoing cycle of Monitoring, Reviewing, and Reporting, given the evolving standards and persistent global threats. We emphasize the paramount importance of enhancing security amid the ever-changing landscape.

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The shift to cloud technology has expanded data access beyond physical office boundaries, enabling remote work from diverse locations worldwide. While the cloud facilitates this accessibility, it also opens avenues for unauthorized access attempts from various corners of the globe. The default configuration that accompanies your tenancy prioritizes ease of use, which can result in compromised security.

Instances of misconfiguration or suboptimal security settings are not uncommon. Consider the technical security expertise of those responsible for setting up and configuring your tenancy.

It’s important to conduct a reassessment of your security setup periodically. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of which users have access.


Case Study

Dive into our curated case studies, each unveiling how our solutions drive tangible success across diverse scenarios.

CatchBefore it is too late!

Your data is a shared target. Safeguard your information with proactive measures.