We are always working towards adding more features to secure and optimise 365 usage within your organisation. Below is an overview of how CatchBefore can help secure your 365 environment.



Monitoring involves keeping track of system performance, resource utilization, error rates, and other relevant metrics to ensure the smooth operation of computer systems, networks, and applications.



Reviewing the application involves a critical assessment of its functionality, user interface, performance, and overall effectiveness to ensure it meets requirements and quality standards.



Reports of the application entail comprehensive documentation or summaries that present data, analytics, and insights regarding the performance, usage, and key metrics of the application.

Key Security Features

CatchBefore offers diverse features for addressing security risks, governance, and operational efficiency. Ensuring informed decisions and helping to maintain system health.

CatchBefore it is too late!

Your data is actively being targeted. Safeguard your information with proactive measures.