MS Office 365 Productivity

When you are paying for a subscription service, it can be easy to forget to look at the details. Is your team utilising the system that has been provided to them? Are you paying for more than you need? Is your tenancy located in the correct country? Make the most of your Office 365 productivity by ensuring that your tenancy is being utilised correctly.

CatchBefore was designed to help bring attention to some of the finer details of the settings, usage, and activity surrounding your tenancy. Many of these details may not be individually, however collectively they can help ensure your organisation makes the most of the resources and services provisioned.

Areas that are a number important areas to review on a regular basis:

  1. Tenancy Location. The cloud is run from data-centres all around the globe. Your tenancy may not have been originally setup in a location that suits your needs the most. As a general rule, the closer you are to your data, the faster it will be to access it. You may also have requirements to store your data in a specific country.
  2. Excess licenses. There is no point paying for something that you are not using. Excess licenses may not just be costing you money. If you are utilising some of the NFP/Charity discounts available you may lose access to your discounts if your licenses go unused.
  3. Account (in)activity. You have provided your team with a list of great applications and services. Do you know how long since they last utilised them? Is a mailbox sitting untouched for weeks or months? Is one of your team members not utilising SharePoint, or other systems that are central to your organisation?