New Office 365 Alerts

Title of the alert: “New 365 Alerts”

Description: Alerts if there is a recent 365 alert that is status “New”


  • Minimum SeverityLevel can be set (either as: unknown,informational,low,medium,high). When set, 365 alerts lower than the minimum will be ignored.

The problem: This alert is triggered when the Microsoft 365 system creates an ‘alert’ for your attention.

Impact: The 365 alerts vary on impact and importance.  The alert levels range from ‘informational’ to ‘high’ level, although the alert level given may not accurately represent the level of risk.    It is important that each alert be individually understood. Even ‘low’ or ‘informational’ level alerts can provide hints of a serious problem. A suitably qualified technician should be able to advise on each alert.  

Suggested steps: Engage a technician to confirm that the alert is accurate, and to undertake appropriate steps.