Office 365 licence health

Alert title: “Licence Health”

Description: Alerts when a 365 licence health is marked as not ideal (warning, or suspended). The licence needs to be in use (applied) for the alert to be triggered (ie unused expiring licences won’t trigger this)


  • Specific products can be ignored
  • Alerts can be triggered even when the licences are not applied (in use)

The problem: This alert is triggered when some of your 365 licences are flagged that they are going to expire, or are already suspended.

Impact: This may stop you using the services, and may result in data-loss if expired licences are not reactivated and have data attached.

Suggested steps: Engage a technician to confirm that the alert is accurate (and not planned), and take appropriate action to ensure that the licences are not unintentionally removed.

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