Office 365 Synchronisation Status

Title of alert: “On Premises Sync Status”

Description: Alerts if the tenancy is not reporting a recent enough Office 365 synchronisation with on premises servers.


  • The number of minutes of which to alert on since the last synchronisation. 
  • This alert will only fire if synchronisation is enabled in the tenancy. This can be overwritten to alert even if synchronisation has been disabled.  

The problem: This alert is triggered when the Microsoft 365 Active Directory tool has not completed a office 365 synchronisation with the cloud services within a set period of time.  This may happen for a variety of reasons, and is normally related to the failure of the synchronisation software itself, or the systems that run the synchronisation software.

Impact: If this is not rectified, changes made to user accounts/active directory will not be replicated.  This may not have an immediate impact, however it will eventually show as a disconnect between an onsite server environment and the 365 tenancy.  This represents a potential security & functionality risk, and should be rectified as a priority. 

Suggested steps: Engage a technician to confirm that the alert is accurate, and to undertake appropriate repair steps.